The best of global trends in a weekly newsletter

The best of global trends in a weekly newsletter

Our monitoring team is dedicated to bringing together original creations from around the world, whether it’s original advertising campaigns, TV formats in development or innovative marketing campaigns. Our teams present and analyse these trends in an extensive newsletter sent to our clients every week. Why? So they can anticipate market developments, find inspiration and innovate!

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Original and innovative advertising

TV shows both currently broadcast and in development

Discoveries and inventions around the world

Original events around the world

Digital and social media trends

The best marketing campaigns

S’abonner à la “Creative Monday”

Un dossier hebdomadaire avec l’ensemble des créations et des tendances dans le marketing, la télévision, les réseaux sociaux et l’événementiel.

Un dossier d’analyse annuel des tendances.

Un accès à notre base des données des tendances.

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